Closamectin Injection For Sheep


Closamectin Solution for Injection for Sheep is the simple choice to treat mature and late immature fluke, worms and to control scab.


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Parasite Group Species Efficacy*
Gastrointestinal Roundworms Ostertagia circumcincta
Ostertagia trifuncata
Haemonchus contortus
Trichostrongylus axei
Trichostrongylus colubbriformis
Trichostrongylus vitrinus
Cooperia curticei
Oesophogostomum columbionum
Oesophogostomum venulasum
Chabertia ovina
Nematodinus filicoillis
Trichunis ovis
Adult and L4 (incl. inhibited L4)
Adult and L4
Adult and L4 (incl. inhibited L4)
Adult and L4
Adult and L4
Adult and L4
Adult and L4
Adult and L4
Lungworms Dictyocaulus filaria
Protostrongylus rufescens
Adults and 4th Stage Larvae
Liverfluke(Trematodes) Fasciola gigantica
Fasciola hepatica
Fluke at 7 weeks (late immature) 100% efficacy
Fluke at 12 weeks (late immature) >95% efficacy
Nasal Bots Oestrus ovis  
Mangle Mites Psoroptes ovis (Treatment requires second injection of an ivermectin only product 7 days later)

*As per data sheet