• Closamectin – The simple 4 in 1 choice for Fluke, GIT Worms, Lungworm and External Parasites in Cattle and Sheep.

    Our product range consists of a Pour on (for cattle) and injectable forms (for cattle and sheep). Fluke and Worm treatment has never been so easy, convenient and effective!

    The Closamectin competition is now closed.

  • The ease and convenience of being able to treat the economically important parasites in cattle and sheep with a single product reduces important labour time on the farm.

    The result of continued investment in Research and Development from Norbrook Laboratories Ltd has produced a range of effective Closamectin products for both cattle and sheep. (Visit the following links for more information on Noromectin Pour On, Noromectin Multi Injection and Noromectin Drench or visit norbrook.com to find out about our other product ranges)

  • Closamectin pour on solution

    Pour On for Cattle

    The easy and effective 4 in 1
    parasite treatment for cattle.

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  • Closamectin injection for sheep

    Sheep Injection

    The simple choice to treat
    fluke, worms and to control scab.

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  • Closamectin injection for cattle

    Injection for Cattle

    A powerful treatment for fluke, internal
    and external parasites.

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